Safety Officer awarded for bravery

In the mid-afternoon of Monday 30 June 2008, as Mr Snowden was driving over the West Gate Bridge, he saw another motorist ahead of him pull over, get out of the car and step up onto the bridge’s railing, seemingly intent on jumping. Mr Snowden pulled into the service lane, stopped, called the police, got out of his car and approached the other man.

Through a combination of talking and persuasion, Mr Snowden coaxed the agitated man back onto the road and prevented him from jumping off the bridge. Mr Snowden stayed with the man, making sure he was secure until police arrived at the scene.

Mr Snowden was officially recognised for his bravery and quick action with the award presented by Superintendent Graham Kent, who praised Mr Snowden’s “fantastic contribution to community safety” by “supporting our police” and “saving a life”.

Attending the ceremony with other work colleagues, Mr Snowden received the award in an unassuming manner. When he was praised, after the presentation, for the courage that prevented a tragedy, he said it was “something that just had to be done”.

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