AUS: utilising world class products

AUS has recently partnered with Seba Dynatronic Mess- und Ortungstechnik GmbH, better known as SebaKMT. SebaKMT is a family-owned enterprise, based in Germany. The SebaKMT group includes a number of other companies such as Metrotech and Hagenuk.

SebaKMT was started in 1951 and has steadily grown into a world class company. The SebaKMT group covers power, water, communications and gas. It is truly a one stop destination for all your utility location needs.

AUS represents the company’s water leak, line location and pipe and cable location range. SebaKMT is well known in the water leak markets through Europe and the UK and the company’s water leak range is known in the US under the banner of the Metrotech Corporation.

Over the past few years the water leak range has undergone something of a revolution. The whole range has been finessed or redesigned, achieving a level of operation second to none.

It is now clear that the SebaKMT range of water leak products is world class. The recently released HL-5 is just one example – this simple to use mini leak detection unit is a very safe replacement for the “÷listening stick’ type of products. In this day and age of OH&S issues and the very real problem of electrical contact on the metallic pipe network the HL-5 enables the operator to listen to pipes without having headphones physically attaching him to the pipes.

Noise, pressure and flow loggers provide valuable data to monitor water networks. On the basis of these pre-locations, SebaKMT correlators and microphones can pinpoint the leaks reliably and precisely, while modern location processes such as the twin correlation or the double-segment analysis allow a leak detection specialist to react quickly.

Metrotech Corporation is a leading provider of high-quality utility locating instrument solutions for all underground utilities. These quality instruments help improve efficiency, and increase productivity with the user-friendly controls. The result is less time locating, and more money saved. Metrotech’s pipe and cable locators are used by just about every utility: water, gas and petroleum pipeline companies, main roads, military facilities, industrial maintenance departments, railways, electric power and telecommunication firms.

The range of pipe and cable locators from Metrotech is now enhanced by two new and very effective locators. The new Easyloc is fast and simple to operate, with features designed to avoid potentially dangerous power cables and other services as efficiently as possible.

The Easyloc receiver shows the signal level received and marks the maximum with a marker. This means operators work with both the audio signal and the visual confirmation at all times. Just like using the signal meter on a mobile phone. Depth measurement is possible at the push of a button, even when using the radio or power modes. The sound from these modes is real sound.

The new i5000 is a high end locator that can even be paired with GPS for complete line locating and logging. The i5000 with its innovative ideas enables the operator to determine location accurately even in crowded areas.

The centre piece of the i5000 line location system is the multi-frequency receiver. The main task of the receiver of a line location system is to give precise information on the position of the target conductor, in particular the centreline and the depth. Problems occur repeatedly during the line location process, such as field distortions caused by discharge or the coupling of neighbouring lines.

The i5000 receiver has new evaluation options that reduce the current subjective assessment during the location process, thus increasing the locating accuracy. The course of the pipeline can thus be identified clearly and connections and branches can be found quickly and reliably.

Another range that AUS offers to the utilities market is the Vivax range. Vivax designs, develops and markets products for use in the outside plant world. The company comprises of a team with many years of utility product and test set experience, solid financial backing and a mission to become a major name in utility products.

In a world where, “÷the bottom line’, seems to have replaced “÷customer service’. Vivax is committed to working with its customers to bring to market products that provide solutions at affordable prices, and to support those products with quality service.

The vCam is a CCTV inspection camera designed and developed by Vivax. As with all Vivax products the design has been heavily influenced by customers and the experience of extensive field use.

The vCam CCTV pushrod inspection camera provides the choice of two control modules – the vCamView for viewing only and the vCamDigital for viewing and recording. Several reel options are offered from 30 metres to 120 metres.

Vivax also have a new locator that has just arrived to market. It too has been extensively field tested and has had significant input from Australia into the final design.

The vLoc Pro is a multi- frequency locator and, with three different antennae configuration modes, the vLoc quickly locates the target line and displays the depth and current measurements instantaneously on its bright colour display. The vLoc Pro receiver is powered by rechargeable and alkaline batteries.

When the rechargeable batteries drop below a certain voltage the alkaline batteries automatically take over. Even with two sets of batteries the receiver only weighs 2 kg.

The vLoc Pro is both Bluetooth and GPS compatible and with the optional “÷A’ frame can locate high resistance sheath faults easily.

The range of location instruments that is handled by AUS will assist all operators in this segment with easy solutions. The guys and girls at AUS are ready to assist with any utility locating needs.

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