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Laser Profiling – beyond CCTV

The ClearLine Profiler adds real engineering benefit to pipeline inspections. Developed over five years by Auckland company CleanFlow Systems, the Profiler is now used by CCTV operators and engineers in 18 countries.

Newly laid flexible wall pipes can be measured to verify quality of installation. Concrete pipes suffering from H2SO4 corrosion can be mapped to millimetre accuracy to show the thickness remaining. Cracking can be measured as structural deformation. Brick pipe networks can be measured for deformation and missing bricks. Laterals, water level, holes, roots and protrusions can all be measured.

Lanes for Drains, the UK’s leading inspection and rehabilitation company has purchased 16 Profiler units, giving them the edge over industry competitors.

“For the first time we will know to the millimetre the diameter of a pipe and whether there are any variations to that along its full run,” says Lanes for Drains Operations Director Alan Wallis.

“The ClearLine Profiler has been used to accurately ascertain the level of corrosion with a large part of the Tauranga City Council’s wastewater sewer network. This technology has provided real data to evaluate remaining residual life of the deteriorated pipes and plan a renewal program with much increased confidence from traditional techniques,” says Martyn Evans, an Engineer with MWH Global.

The Water Research Council (WRC) has independently certified the ClearLine Profiler and the product has been certified for accuracy (+/- 1 mm in a 200 mm pipe), usability and repeatable results.

The new large diameter system takes the profiling range from 100 mm to 3.5 metre pipes. At 3 metres the Profiler has an accuracy of 5 mm.

For the CCTV contractor, the Profiler is a tool that is added to their existing camera and can be used daily to add a premium to clients’ rates. For the CCTV operator the training course is a simple two hour step-by-step program.

The concept is simple – a Snap On attachment is mounted to the CCTV camera, a laser ring is projected onto the internal surface of the pipe and the recorded video image of the Laser Profile is then processed through CleanFlow’s award winning software to produce a continuous dimension of the pipeline. The 16 million physical measurements per hour of video are then presented to the user with comprehensive engineering reports.

Once processed, users can view the complete pipeline length on one report for ovality (deformation), capacity (showing exact pipe size), flat and 3D.

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