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NULCA: An Industry Association for Locators

It was against this backdrop that the National Utilities Locating Contractors Association (NULCA) was formed. It targeted all those in the locating industry, be they locating professionals, surveyors, potholing contractors, equipment suppliers, Utilities (Gas, Water, Electricity, Telecommunications), or any other organisation that has underground assets or that excavates around underground assets

NULCA held its inaugural meeting in 2003 in Melbourne. The mission of NULCA Australia is to define, establish and maintain best/safe work practices by the utility locating industry. To establish work standards and competencies which will assist in providing a safer environment for the general public, excavation works, and any people employed in the civil works and utility locating industry.

The vision of NULCA Australia is to provide world’s best practices in a constantly evolving environment, developing new work place standards, and using new improving technology with regards to Health, Safety and the Environment.

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