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Rans: servicing the trenchless industry

Company Director Robert Sevior has been the Registered Electrical Contractor for the company over the past 16 years and provides the best service and knowledge to all customers. He is personally licensed as an electrical inspector, high voltage operator, jointer, tester, electrician, first aider and is accredited in temporary supplies on building sites through the ETU. Robert and staff have good relationships with all authorities and the union.

Projects Rans has been involved in


Rans Electrical has been involved with GWC on the Hallam Valley Main Sewer project since the start of construction. Rans Electrical supplies labour 6 days per week for 8-10 hours per day and also provides an electrical breakdown service 24 hours 7 days a week in line with project operating hours.

Works Rans have been involved with include preventative maintenance on tunnel boring machines and site equipment, breakdowns, connection of 900 volt cutting head cables, testing of 900 volt, 415 volt, communication and bentonite cables after every drive, testing of all electrical equipment at 3 monthly intervals, testing of RCDs at 1 monthly intervals as required , disconnection and reconnection of site when moving to next launch shaft (including design of site to maximise existing cabling and lighting) and liaising with local inspection companies to re-energise new shaft location.

Works also involved design of control circuits for diesel/hydraulic pumps for use in remote locations, monitoring of generators at shafts along the length of the project and testing and maintenance of equipment of other contractors involved with the project.

McConnell Dowell M40 project

Rans were involved in setting up generators on site for the pipe jack, security lighting and emergency evacuation alarms. RANS were required to be on call during normal working hours for any electrical breakdowns.

John Holland Palmer St main drain diversion

Rans were involved in the set up and installation of an 11 kV High Voltage substation supplied by Rutherfords Power in Newcastle. Due to the limited working area it was quite a challenge to ensure that the whole site was safe should there be an electrical fault of any kind. The site was only 30 x 12 m and was located on a busy intersection, the corner of Elizabeth and Church Streets in Richmond, which made the electrical earth design very unique.

Rans also set up and installed all wiring for the 1.8 m pipe jacking rig, a slurry type supplied by Herrenknecht, to complete the 950 m tunnel. Before power could be established on site two 1 MVA generators were placed in service so that the tunnel boring machine could be set up and launched on time.

Rans scope of work on the project also involved preventative maintenance on tunnel boring machines and site equipment, breakdowns, connection of 900 volt cutting head cables, testing of 900 volt, 415 volt, communication and bentonite cables, wiring of vibrating screens for water treatment plant and controls, installation of the ventilation fans, and the gantry crane which was used to lower the pipes into place.

This project proved to be very successful for John Holland, winning an “÷Overall Engineering Excellence’ award in Victoria this year for their work.


Rans Electrical has just completed the High Voltage installation for the tunnelling of EastLink project for Thiess John Holland. For the past six months, Rans has been the sole electrical contractor involved in the project.

Works completed included the temporary installation of an 11 kV substation which consisted of two 1 Mva Cummins power rent generators as the source of power to step up to 11 kV. This was so that the road header and also jumbo could be put in place for commencement of tunnelling and commissioning of equipment. This was removed when permanent power was supplied. Other works completed included the installation and commissioning of two 22 kV to 11 kV containerised substations, two 600 m runs of 11 kV steel wire armour cable, installation from the major roads to the portals and commissioning of two 11 kV to 1 kV mining substations for supply to tunnelling machinery.

The incoming feeder supplied by the authorities was 22 kV in which Rans had to install an additional substation to step down a voltage to 11 kV. Rans also installed over 1 km of 11 kV trailing cables.

Rans are currently the high voltage operators, testers and also general electrical works on the project. The work consisted of:

“¢ Termination of HV cables;
“¢ Installation of the two separate earthing systems designed by Safe Earth in Newcastle;
“¢ Installation of cables;
“¢ Testing with the VLF Hipot on completion of works;
“¢ Testing of earthing systems to ensure correct continuity;
“¢ Authorised High Voltage operators for both sites; and,
“¢ LV temporary supplies completed to date 35 Site compounds over entire project.

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