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SAS and TTI form new joint venture

The JV has been successful in procuring a two year term assignment from Sydney Water to provide specialist engineering
services which include:

“¢ Pipe condition assessment and rehabilitation planning and options development;
“¢ Assessment of years to end of service
life (YESL);
“¢ Planning, design and drafting of technical specifications and project management for new Trenchless Technology installation and rehabilitation;
“¢ Review and evaluation of Trenchless Technologies;
“¢ Confined spaces inspections (man entry traverses) of sewers and stormwater culverts;
“¢ Structural inspection and condition assessment;
“¢ Third party engineering design verification; and,
“¢ Specialist structural analysis and FE modelling.

Through an experienced team of specialist consultants, SAS TTI has already successfully delivered engineering services for a number rehabilitation projects to Sydney Water.

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