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21st Century fluid solutions for the horizontal drilling industry

When the modern horizontal drilling industry began to expand in the early 1990s Baroid IDP recognised the specific needs of the trenchless industry and introduced BORE-GELå¨ horizontal boring fluid which has now become the industry standard. As rig manufacturers developed equipment capable of boring deeper and over longer distances in more challenging geological formations, the need for enhanced drilling fluid systems became evident. Baroid IDP met this challenge through the development of fluid additives and systems specifically engineered to optimise performance and end-user costs.

The “3P” system is the first complete clay-free system designed to provide the user with superior hole stability and clay inhibition while minimising torque and drag on drill rods and product pipe. In urban areas where sediment in storm drains is becoming an environmental concern and clay based drilling fluids are costly to dispose of, clay-free drilling fluids can provide a real and cost effective solution. The “3P” system is a mixture of POLY-BORE‰ã¢ dry polymer, PENETROLå¨ wetting agent and AQUA-CLEARå¨ PFD liquid polymer dispersant. POLY-BORE high molecular weight PHPA is designed to provide borehole stabilisation and the carrying capacity necessary to remove cuttings. PENETROL wetting agent is designed to lower torque and drag by counteracting the sticking tendencies of clay on drill rods, bits and product pipe. AQUA-CLEAR PFD phosphate free liquid dispersant is designed to reduce fluid viscosity and disperse encountered clay and/or shale. All three components of the “3P” system are NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified for use in the drilling and completion of potable water wells.

Baroid IDP is now pleased to introduce EZ-MUDå¨ GOLD clay and shale stabiliser. The unique, free-flowing beaded structure of EZ-MUD GOLD polymer allows for easy dispersion and mixing with minimal shear. Another benefit of EZ-MUD GOLD is the ability to use increased concentrations of the polymer in bentonite slurries to gain inhibition without the corresponding increase in viscosity. Because it is a dry product, transportation costs are reduced by more than 50 per cent and EZ-MUD GOLD beaded polymer has longer shelf life than liquid polymers.

When drilling unconsolidated sand or gravel formations filtration control is critical to the successful completion of the drilling project. Since increases in fluid viscosity result in increased pumping pressures and the potential for “÷frac-outs’, filtration control additives should add little to no viscosity to the system. This is why Baroid IDP developed QUIK-TROLå¨ LV filtration control additive. QUIK-TROL LV cellulose based additive does not add significant viscosity to the base fluid and helps improve borehole stability.

A common problem encountered in horizontal directional drilling is increased rotational torque and drag. This condition leads to the inability to complete bores and increases operational costs by reducing the life span of drill pipe and downhole tooling. Baroid IDP addressed this challenge through the development of DINOMULå¨ aqueous torque reducer. DINOMUL wax-based lubricant reduces friction and wear on expensive drill rods and pullback forces can be reduced with the addition of DINOMUL lubricant allowing for easier installation of the product line, thus reducing the potential for stuck pipe.

Innovative new product development is the main way Baroid IDP has set itself apart in the trenchless industry. Established in 1930, Baroid Fluid Services has a long history in the oil field and the ability to see potential in burgeoning markets. “That’s why we’re called the “÷The Original Drilling Fluids Company,” says Andrew Liao, Sales Manager for Baroid IDP Australasia. Baroid IDP is a leader in the development and application of specialised drilling fluid technology for industrial drilling markets with a dedication to training and service capabilities in the global marketplace.

To continue that spirit of training and customer service, Dave Donald, Baroid IDP Global Manager, heads a team comprising Andrew Liao (Singapore, Houston), Mark Taylor (Perth) and Robert Petrie (Sydney) who are available to service all facets of the drilling industry in Australasia with project planning, customer training, field service and sales.

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products supplies a comprehensive line of drilling fluid additives, bentonite grouts, well remediation and well development products specifically engineered to optimise performance and lower end-user costs. Baroid IDP utilises a worldwide distributor network to provide a broad spectrum of services to the industrial drilling industry; including horizontal directional drilling, micro-tunneling, mineral exploration, water well, drilled shaft, geotechnical, environmental and construction applications. Many products are NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified. Baroid IDP is dedicated to research and development of new products while our worldwide network of over 60 sales and service representatives provides job-site expertise and customer training workshops in both the classroom and the field. Baroid IDP is a product service line of Halliburton.

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