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Atteris breaks new ground in pipeline engineering

Atteris commenced operations in 1999 and according to Owner and Managing Director Eric Jas, the company literally formed overnight when its first client requested assistance with a drilled shore crossing for a gas pipeline in Taiwan. The job had been experiencing problems for several months prior and after arriving on site two days after the initial phone call, Eric found that the 36-inch pipeline had been stuck halfway up the 1000 m long horizontal borehole for over a week. The crossing needed redesigning and from there it was installed successfully.

Several other projects followed for energy companies such as Woodside, BP, ChevronTexaco, OMV and ROC Oil, as well as for engineering companies including Technip Oceania, Intec, Genesis Oil & Gas and Kellogg Brown & Root. The jobs completed for these clients were predominantly oil and gas pipeline shore approaches and shoreline crossings in Australia and Southeast Asia.

Atteris operates from a new office in Perth, employing a handful of specialists in the field of pipeline engineering and construction, site surveys, dredging, rock dumping, horizontal directional drilling and microtunnelling. The company and its employees are focused on assisting the pipeline industry in these often misunderstood areas.

Atteris excels in innovation, as proven on the North West Shelf project, where there was a no-cover rock berm design and the pipeline was stabilised by deep-water dredging. The Otway project also broke new ground, involving a cased shore crossing.

Eric says “Although we carry in our portfolio significant expertise in the field of trenchless installation of pipelines, it is not our business to promote this technology to our clients per se. We are probably the only engineering company in the Southeast Asian region with the in-house expertise to objectively provide advice on the most cost-effective construction method for a particular crossing, be it a river, shoreline or other obstacle.”

As such, Atteris can provide services in and outside of Australia for pipeline shore approaches and landfalls, water intake lines, effluent outfalls, and crossings in onshore pipeline and cable routes. The company can work from the concept stage of a project on site selection and the collection of site data, through to design engineering, tender preparation, and construction management.

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