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Drilling needs covered by HMI

Offering an extensive range of Tungsten Carbide products for the drilling, agricultural, oilfield, mining and construction industries, the company’s product range has been expanded to meet customer demand. HMI provides a range of quality German manufactured Tungsten Carbide tools from BETEK and an extensive range of specialised hard facing wires manufactured in Germany for the drilling industry. The new poly-crystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits that HMI supplies are manufactured in Canada by the Diamond Bullet Corporation and have stainless steel bodies, ensuring added strength and longevity in corrosive environments.

The Diamond Bullet PDC design offers high rates of penetration, durability and cost effectiveness. Years of research and testing have resulted in a unique design, capitalising on steering ability, reduced torque and maximum cutting removal.

HMI is able to repair and rebuild PDC bits up to 8 inches on-site in Brisbane. The repair procedure is in accordance with Diamond Bullet, who are ISO9002 registered. Larger bits are sent to Canada for rebuilding and repair and cutters are replaced with premium quality USA produced cutters. Every bit is quoted on and customers are provided with a full report on the condition and cost of the repair. HMI has the facilities to ensure uniform temperature control of the bit during repair which avoids any thermal shock to the body.

At the beginning of this year, HMI established a contract brazing facility. The company has a 30 kW induction unit, are negotiating to add a 40 kW unit and have gas brazing facilities as back-up.

The extensive range of Tungsten Carbide hard facing materials has been distributed in the Australian market since 1999. The majority of HMI’s business is via referrals, a testament to the quality of service offered.

HMI looks forward to assisting customers in the prevention of their wear problems and improving productivity of their particular applications.

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