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JB Sales brings GeoRadar to Southeast Asian markets

All items in JB’s extensive product range are either of local manufacture and of JB’s design or are sourced from major suppliers internationally. Among the latest equipment supplied by JB Sales is the GeoRadar, an exciting piece of machinery that offers excellent value to anyone in the earthmoving industry, allowing operators to view underground assets and infrastructure before any digging takes place.

The GeoRadar uses radio-frequency energy to explore materials without interfering in their physical, chemical or mechanical characteristics. The GeoRadar has been specifically developed for underground service recognition and data acquisition is made by several rolling antennas which are wheeled over the area to be dug, drilled or excavated. The data acquired is then translated into a picture to be analysed.

3D Vision

Field data acquisition is performed by connecting antennae to the RIS control unit. IDS/TR antennas have been designed in an array shape that allows a quick 3D analysis of the ground, thereby increasing performance. Detection probability can be higher than 90 per cent even if targets produce weak echoes, such as cement sewer, PVC pipes and small fractures.

Accurate ground penetration

As operators develop their skills at interpreting what appears on the GeoRadar computer screen, aside from finding pipes they can differentiate between soil types, accurately pinpoint rock formations and measure multiple layer thicknesses, a requirement in “÷as-built’ reports for roads.

Depths of more than 2.5 m

The unit is nominally accurate to 2.5 m and this figure can increase to 6 m in suitable soil. The GeoRadar is capable of showing both the top and bottom of a pipe, allowing size to be calculated for easy identification when there is more than one pipeline in a location. Location is accurate to within approximately an inch.

Non-metallic objects detected

A key advantage of the GeoRadar is that it will find non-metallic pipe, meaning concrete and plastic pipes can also be detected.

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