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Microtunnelling – an environmentally friendly trenchless solution

Bullseye Microtunnelling is a nationally operated company with headquarters in Dandenong, Victoria, specialising in designing, manufacturing and contracting in microtunnelling. General Manager Stuart Harrison formed the company in 2002 to assist in meeting market demands. The company is focused on productivity, as Stuart’s previous experience in microtunnelling highlighted the need for higher productivity while still maintaining the highest levels of safety. High levels of productivity combined with a commitment to research and development has allowed for cost effectiveness and the growth of the company.

Currently the company operates four microtunnelling machines predominantly, on the east coast of Australia with two further units estimated to become available before the end of the year. Bullseye Microtunnelling began its operations by specialising in 150, 225, and 300 mm sewerage pipeline installations, but has recently extended the range and now installs pipelines from 100 mm to 1500 mm, ground depending. Bullseye offers systems to meet ground conditions including sand, clay, reef and rock and also offer a wide range of drill heads to match pipe sizes. In doing so, the need for grouting is eliminated, making connections onto these lines easier and more cost effective.

Bullseye offer works on a flexible basis and can provide rates based on a variety of ground conditions or fixed price quotations. Bullseye is happy to price the microtunnelling component of a job only or can offer a complete service, manhole to manhole. Bullseye can also offer a turnkey service on predominantly trenchless projects.

Macedon Sewerage Scheme

Bullseye recently commenced works at Macedon and have currently completed approximately 3000 m of 150/225 mm gravity sewerage pipelines. The ground conditions experienced vary from wet clays to reef and rock bolders. The combination of soft ground and hard rock bolders is typically difficult to deal with, however Bullseye has been successful on most occasions. The hardest rock tested at just under 70 MPa. On this scheme a number of trenchless techniques have been attempted and the Bullseye microtunnelling system proved itself to be extremely effective.

Somers Sewerage Scheme

At the Somers Sewerage Scheme Bullseye were subcontracted to microtunnel 200 m of gravity sewers for Rob Carr Pty Ltd. Throughout 2002 the company microtunnelled approximately 7,000 m of 150/225/300 mm gravity sewers, being accurate to +/- 25 mm on 97 per cent of occasions. On the Somers project Bullseye subcontracted to Rob Carr, Thiess Services, Rimic Civil and R S Connell over a 10 month period. The ground conditions were predominantly clay with some areas of rock and some of sand. The depth of the scheme varied from approximately 1.5 to 6 m deep. This was one of Bulleye’s first major sewerage schemes.

Ouyen and Hopetoun Sewerage Schemes

Bullseye Microtunnelling were subcontracted by Padbury Amber at Hopetoun and J&C Reid at Ouyen to microtunnel 150/225 mm gravity sewerage pipelines. Bullseye also installed numerous steel encased lines, predominantly under railway lines. The ground conditions were predominantly clay with some sand and reef, with depth ranges from 1-6 m deep. Bullseye successfully completed approximately 5,000 m of microtunnelling.

Bullseye has an ever-expanding list of contractors and authorities that they have worked with in the past and look forward to working with again. For more information on trenchless alternatives please call Stuart Harrison, General Manager of Bullseye Microtunnelling on 0409 776 567, as Bullseye is always looking for companies and authorities to work with and positive, motivated individuals to form part of
the team.

For further information regarding trenchless technologies and microtunnelling contact the Bullseye Office on phone 1300 7474 01, on the web at or via email,

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