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New JT2020 March 1 HDD System quietly raisies productivity level

Designed with extensive customer input, the new JT2020 Mach 1 offers numerous innovative features that combine for superior productivity. Each machine comes standard with turf and asphalt-friendly rubber tracks, state-of-the-art operator and pipeloader systems, and an undercarriage designed for maximum durability, reliability, and minimal maintenance.

The well-balanced JT2020 Mach 1 features independent stabilisers and a simple anchoring system that enables quick setup and the ability to secure the drill frame on uneven terrain. With 20,000 pounds (89 kN) of pullback and a 30-gpm (114-L/min) drilling fluid system, the compact JT2020 Mach 1 can make larger installations than typically possible with a machine its size. Operators also will be able to stay on the job longer thanks to the machine’s enclosed and insulated engine, an exclusive Ditch Witch feature that increases operator comfort. By producing reduced noise impressions, the enclosure allows the operator to perform a variety of drilling and backreaming tasks for longer periods of time in noise-sensitive areas.

“Among its many features, the JT2020 Mach 1 offers an innovative pipeloading system that allows the operator to select columns from the operator’s station,” says Ditch Witch Product Manager Richard Levings. “And the machine’s two-speed carriage drive enables the operator to quickly and efficiently connect pipe.”

The unit’s efficiency and versatility are also enhanced by a rack-&-pinion thrust system, which provides outstanding power transfer and performance for a wide range of HDD applications.

Additional features include tethered ground drive control and cruise control. Tethered ground drive control enables the operator to manoeuvre the unit from a position that provides increased visibility and easier trailering and set up of the unit. And cruise control maximises operator productivity during backreaming.

“Even with the JT2020’s many features, it is an exceptionally low-maintenance unit,” says Levings. “It comes with a large-capacity pipe-lubrication system that keeps contamination out of the grease supply. And with no zerks to grease every day, you’ll spend more time working and less time servicing the unit.”

The Ditch Witch organisation specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality underground construction equipment. The company is a one-stop source for trenchers, vibratory plows, pneumatic piercing tools, backhoes, Subsiteå¨ electronic tracking and locating tools, vacuum excavation systems, mini excavators, excavator-tool carrier and mini skid steers.

All of these products are recognised around the world for their advanced design, rugged construction, long-term durability, ease of use and reliability. This product line represents the most complete range of equipment for installing utilities underground.

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