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New line stopping system from INFRATECå¨

With INFRASTOPå¨, for the first time in Australia, renewal and new development works can be carried on live water mains without the need to shut down the main and interrupt supply.

South East Water is just one of INFRASTOP’så¨ happy customers, having now fully tested, witnessed and inspected more than 800 installations since October 2002.

South East Water has attested that INFRASTOPå¨ is fail safe, with no instances of equipment malfunction that have required an emergency supply interruption to resolve; has proven to provide 95 per cent-plus isolation effectiveness in 100 per cent of installations and it always enables work to be completed in a basically dry environment; it can be installed without the lead-time necessary to arrange notification and improves project management; it requires nothing more than a minor trench opening to enable installation; and the Infrastop fitting, when supply is restored, has proven to be “maintenance free” in its permanent state. The installation also usually enables supply isolation within 90 minutes of commencement and can also be used in emergency shutoff situations with great effectiveness.

According to South East Water, INFRASTOPå¨ has allowed the company to complete more than 90 per cent of their water main renewal projects entirely without supply interruption, providing this benefit to approximately 11,000 customers per year.

INFRASTOPå¨ also reduced Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for customer supply interruptions and “water off” hours for South East Water and eliminated many of the costly and severely disruptive interruptions involving business and key customers where work may have been required on weekends or outside normal business hours. Customer complaints relating to the interruption of customers water supply, including lack of notification, damage to hot water services and a host of other related issues have been significantly reduced, improving Customer Satisfaction Survey results relating to the company’s construction projects.

Under pressure tapping services

INFRATECå¨ has also announced another innovation to its range of Australian owned and designed infrastructure technology advancements.

Through the company’s network of licensed operators INFRATECå¨ offers a comprehensive range of under pressure tapping solutions serving authorities in the water, sewer and gas industries as well as industrial applications.

INFRATEC’så¨ specialised equipment and fittings have been designed and manufactured in Australia and comply with all of the relevant standards and specifications.

The current standard range of under pressure tapping covers DN20 to DN300 and is available for all common pipe types using stainless steel, mild steel, or the new Infratec rigid ductile iron flanged
offtakes. All under pressure tappings are available in both horizontal or vertical applications.

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