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Subtechnics: imaging what lies beneath

Subtechnics is a Telstra accredited company with vast experience in the utilities sector, working on major projects in the communication, gas, power and water industries.

Subtechnics has the capability to find almost any buried utility whether it be fibre optics, poly gas or water mains and most power and signal cables. The company combines the latest in cable locating equipment with the non-destructive digging method to confirm what services lay beneath the surface.

Work site surveys can also be conducted by Subtechnics, whether on a major pipeline or construction site, to offer the best alignment allowing for better production and less disruption to major services, ultimately reducing costs and down time.

Subtechnics have worked on a number of major projects including the Victrack regional rail project, Nextgen, EastLink and projects for Abigroup, Telstra, Powertel, Country Energy, Connell Wagner and VicRoads.

Being a rail accredited, gas industry trained owner/operator company, Subtechnics can offer a reliable and accurate service and provide a full understanding of what is required on site. With more and more services being installed underground at a rapid rate it is a must to have any site surveyed by a competent cable locator.

The company’s 4×4 Vacuum Excavation Unit can be used for the specialist detection of communication cables, power cables, gas mains, water mains, traffic control, fuel & oil, metal pipes, plastic pipes, sewers & drainage and manhole & pit clearing.

Subtechnics can also conduct radio frequency surveys and ground penetrating radio surveys for the detection of underground assets.

Finals results are generally presented as a digital model or as coloured scaled plans and cross sections. This presentation allows often complicated information to be translated and presented in a simple to read format.

Not limited to searching underground, Subtechnics are able to search most surfaces for foreign objects that may be hidden beneath. Searching walls for voids or searching concrete for reinforcing material are other common applications.

Subtechnics are completely independent of any equipment manufacturer, meaning the most appropriate technology/system will be selected for your given application. Drawing on worldwide experience in subsurface searching, Subtechnics can provide clients with the best possible view of what is otherwise a hidden environment.

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