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TT Asia Pacific heads to Brisbane

The Open Day was held on February 11, with visitors coming from Europe, China and New Zealand, as did inter/intrastate and local customers. Mr Meinolf Rameil, Senior Manager from parent company, Tracto-Technik GmbH, attended the celebrations as did Mr Werner Wurm from Prime Drilling, a sister company to Tracto-Technik. The Australasian Society of Trenchless Technology was represented by Mr Jeff Pace, and TT Asia Pacific’s Chinese Distributor, McAllen (Tianjin) International was represented by its President, Mr Wu Ying.

Visitors were welcomed by Managing Director, Tom Hughes, with Jeff Pace having the honour of opening the building. Mr Rameil congratulated TT Asia Pacific on its success and presented the company with a replica of the Excell Trophy, which is awarded for excellence in horizontal drilling projects regardless of brand of equipment used in order to promote excellence in the HDD industry. The competition is run bi-annually with entries submitted from all over the world and judged by an independent international jury in Germany.

As a sister company to Tracto-Technik GmbH, based in the quiet German village of Lennestadt, it was an easy decision to give the Open Day celebrations a German flavour. Visitors were treated to a “Bavarian Style Breakfast” of German sausage with pretzels, accompanied by a variety of traditional German Beers.

A wide range of equipment was on display, including the Grundodrill 13X, recently sold to Western Australia’s Underground Services Australia.

A good deal of interest was shown in the baby of the pipe bursting machines, the 40 tonne Grundoburst, as well as the most recent addition to the bursting fleet, the 125 tonne machine. Bursting is an excellent method of pipe rehabilitation and the Grundoburst range of machines are ideal for all pipes and conditions. Also at the Open Day was a new arrival to Australia, Grundotugger, a lightweight and very versatile machine using a strong cable for those short laterals in awkward areas that need bursting and replacing quickly.

On display was a range of Grundomat (“The Original Mole”) machines; the Grundoram “Taurus”, a machine with 2000 tonnes impact energy/force, ideal for larger ramming projects; and the Grundopit 40/60, a compact and versatile pit launched horizontal directional drilling machine.

Digital Control Australia also attended the day with a range of their tracking equipment as well as Tuff Drilling Supplies suppliers of bentonite and associated drilling products.

The day proved so successful and popular with visitors that it has been decided to hold the event annually.

In the new premises, TT Asia Pacific have the solution for all your trenchless needs, including a first class workshop for all your servicing and repairs. In short, it is the “one stop shop for all your trenchless needs”. An open invitation is extended to all to visit and view the new TT Asia Pacific premises.

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