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COMPACT pipe rehabilitation

The COMPACT rehabilitation process offers a new and innovative solution to a whole range of problems, providing a structurally independent pipe with the quality and durability of a newly installed pipe.

The COMPACT process can rehabilitate both pressure and non-pressure pipelines and is especially advantageous if the pipeline is not accessible or is located in heavy traffic areas where open trench construction is not possible.

Pipe diameters range from 100 mm to 900 mm and benefits of the process include:

“¢ High quality close-fit renovation
“¢ Cost effective, reduced installation time
“¢ Minimal disruption
“¢ Universal use
“¢ Reduce OHS&E issues dramatically
“¢ Applicable to all pipe materials
“¢ Lower drag, better flow efficiency
“¢ Makes road openings redundant
“¢ No risk to other authorities assets

The result is a pipe in a pipe, giving the quality and durability of a new installation at a lower cost than direct replacement. The reduced work area means there is minimal impact on the environment and community.

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