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Vermeer Navigator D18x22

One such operator who has found success with the Navigator D18x22 is Darrin Taylor of Bass Coast Excavations, along Victoria’s Southeast coast.

Bass Coast Excavations are pit, pipe and cable contractors with experience in providing underground communications systems, zero tension ploughing and directional boring.

Since purchasing the Navigator from Vermeer, Darrin has been using it for a variety of works for the installation of communications cables, mostly for Telstra.

This is the first machine Darrin has purchased for trenchless work, and having already got a lot of use from the Navigator, Darrin says he should have bought one years ago.

The D18x22 also provides a state-of-the-art operator’s station designed for ease and efficiency. An elevated operator’s station with swing-open design offers the operator comfort and a clear forward view of the drilling operation.

Thrust/pullback, rotation and water-pressure gauges are conveniently located to the right side for easy reference during boring operations. An operator presence switch, located in the operator’s seat, halts thrust/pullback and rotational functions when the operator exits the seat. A strike alert system warns the operator and others within close proximity of the machine of an electrical strike.

The D18x22 features the Remote Lockout System, a two-way communication and control tool that allows workers to lockout drill stem rotation, thrust and fluid flow along the bore path or at the exit site.

This system was designed to prevent injury that can occur as a result of unexpected drill string operation. Many features, including a drilling fluid flow indicator, drilling lights, and Power Vise breakout system come standard on the D18x22. Other standard features include a stationary stakedown system, auto greaser, floating head design, and the option of steel or rubber tracks.

The new mid-size D18x22 HDD from Vermeer offers the best power-to-size ratio in its class, allowing it to execute a wide range of HDD projects. With an innovative rack-and-pinion drive system and a compact 48″ (122 cm) width, the D18x22 is specially designed for working on small- to medium-diameter HDD projects.

With its small footprint, the D18x22 is excellent for use in urban areas and excels on projects including easement work, road crossings and creek crossings.

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