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Vermeer unviels PortaBurst PB30

Recently Glenn Dale’s crew from Citiwater’s Pipeline Services division completed a PB30 (Pipe Bursting) HammerHead course with Vermeer. Geoffrey Honchin, Allan Thomson, Mick Ryan, Michael Maguire, David Pilbeam, Ross Gordon and Martin Brown attended the two hour course that will enable them to use this portable pipe bursting system.

The PortaBurst PB30, a HammerHead static trenchless lateral replacement system, is a lightweight, portable, cost effective and efficient method of replacing 4 inch and 6 inch sewer laterals in a minimal amount of time.

The PB30 eliminates the surface disruption and destruction usually associated with the lateral replacement process, and can also be used to replace a variety of pipes including clay (VCP), cast iron, concrete and PVC.

Key features include compact modular design, which allows for self storage on wheeled control station. With no components weighing more than 75 lbs, the PB30 can be set up in small pits (24″ x 30″) reducing excavation.

The positive cable grip system, initiated by an actuating cylinder, means the sequence valve automatically activates lift cylinder, and an active link system increases cable and clamp load proportionately. A secondary cable grip holds cable in place during recycling, while a smooth lift cam helps reduce cable wear and gripper contamination.

The PB30 is a high production unit, with a 12 inch cylinder which increases cycle length. Production rates of up to 12 feet per minute are achieved, and the low pressure system runs off dedicated power pack or backhoe.

The control station meanwhile allows for out of pit operation, fitting through 30 inch doorways, and quick grip burst heads allow for quick connection to HDPE pipe without hand tools.

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