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(remember Alan Henderson – NSW, George Koptlarski – SA, John Howard – Tasmania and Brian Bayley – Victoria?)

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(our first national event).

Like most things, if you do not strive to continually improve your business, then you can become complacent and that can spell disaster. Well we certainly have not been sitting on our hands.

The ASTT newsletter has progressed from the inaugural two colour issue of 1992 to the more familiar full colour versions launched in 2000. We have made all the articles from 1998 till the last issue available on the ASTT website for all to read. We have managed to obtain valuable sponsorship from some of our members over the years through advertising in the Newsletters, thus enabling us to continue to produce the full colour Newsletter, even though it was always at a loss. But we have not stopped at that, now can you believe it? You are reading this article in our own official magazine.

Over the past four months, the ASTT has been negotiating with Pipeline Publications Australia to come up with a suitable agreement that will enable the ASTT to have its own magazine. As you can see, this magazine is called Trenchless Australasia and it is produced in full-colour. The magazine will be produced on a quarterly basis and shall be distributed to all our members as well as other interested companies and individuals.

As well as covering Australia and New Zealand, the magazine will be distributed throughout the Pacific region and Southeast Asia. We anticipate that the distribution will be in the order of some 1,500 to 2,000 copies.

With this sort of circulation, company exposure through advertising becomes extremely attractive. We now have a vehicle for promoting the Trenchless message throughout the region. Additionally, now more than ever, every member is encouraged to send in their articles and pictures to Pipeline Publications for incorporation into the future issues of our magazine. For this venture to be successful, we need your ongoing support, therefore please get behind it and let’s make this the best Trenchless magazine ever.

For me personally, I am absolutely delighted with the concept because we now have a world class magazine and more importantly, an opportunity to expand our distribution network. This, in my mind, is bound to give the ASTT the ideal opportunity to grow its membership base. With additional memberships come additional funds thus enabling us to pursue with even greater vigour, those key initiatives that are spelt out in the Strategic and Business Plans.

Without doubt, this year has been the most exciting in so far as giving the membership value for money. We have developed nationally recognised competency standards and training packages for HDD and microtunnelling, are also well on the way to producing Guidelines and Standards for HDD, microtunnelling and rehabilitation for Australasian conditions, about to hold our 6th National Conference and Exhibition in Melbourne, bearing in mind that in our first Newsletter we were promoting our 1st National Conference and Exhibition, which was also to be held in Melbourne, and to top it off, the release of this magazine.

To quote someone a tad more famous than I, “I’m excited.”

Jeff Pace

ASTT Secretary

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