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Trade qualifications in drilling from ADITC

Many major clients are demanding that you be able to show your personnel are competent if you want to tender or work. This encourages – or forces – contractors to seek issue of formal competence for their personnel. The king hit way to do this is of course against national standards, and gain national

At an industry level the drilling industry has been quite strategic. All the tools to help companies get this together are there, developed on industry (and some government) money.

  • We have strong, industry-based qualifications in drilling in all sectors, including Trenchless Technology and horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Certificate III (3) in Drilling – Trenchless Technology is the trade level. Qualifications exist from Certificate II for an offsider, all the way to Advanced Diploma for the owner/business manager.
  • There is a tried system in place to issue them, which is not complex or expensive.
  • You have the assurance of an external, nationally authorised, regulated industry body that understands drilling to assess training outcomes and issue the qualifications. ADITC uses strong quality assurance processes to ensure that qualifications issued are rigorous and will stand up to the requirements of contract principals and to audit.
  • Assessment can recognise and value in-company training and experience to add to or form a qualification for experienced personnel.
  • ADITC has developed industry-based structured training material in plain English, which allows companies to train new personnel using industry-specific material at site on your own equipment (use your down time better!) or to structure your own company training and avoid gaps.
  • Costs are known, predictable and not expensive. We are a not-for profit body. Some assisting funding is available to offset costs though it varies from place to place – ask about your state.

Though they are competitors for business, most drilling contractors take the view that an increase in the quantum of training and skilled personnel over the industry is a good thing. Recognising the skills we have, and training to a recognisable set of standards also gives employees the proud feeling that they are in an industry that’s here to stay, with a recognisable and valuable set of skills.

ADITC is a not-for-profit industry organisation that exists to improve the skills and professionalism of the industry – in our own eyes, in the eyes of our contract principals, in our insurers’ eyes, and in public perception. ASTT is a member organisation, with all drilling associations in all sectors (oil, water, mineral exploration, environmental and drilling).

ADITC maintains a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that provides training and assessment services to the drilling industry across all sectors and for all qualifications including trenchless and HDD, within and outside Australia.

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