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Decreasing fluid mix time

One common thread that unites directional drillers is the turnaround time required to mix a new tank of mud during pump and dump operations. How much drilling time is being lost each day or week where the rods are not turning to the right when waiting for more mud to mix? If the wait time on mud was reduced, could more metres per day be drilled?

QUIK-TROLå¨ GOLD engineered filtrate control polymer is designed for quick and easy mixing with minimal agitation. Once the sole domain of liquid polymers for ease of mixing, a 100 per cent active dry polymer, now means a more active ingredient in the can, lower freight costs, reduced product volume onsite and shorter fluid mixing times allowing more drilling hours per day.

Even with no Venturi hopper or in wet and humid environments, QUIK-TROL GOLD filtration control polymer will mix with ease. Figure 1 shows the mixing of the product directly into the mud tank with only the natural circulation of the fluid for agitation.

Drilling fluids are complicated functional systems that are often designed in nearly perfect laboratory conditions, without concern to the operational variables that are the realities of a typical drill site. QUIK-TROL GOLD polymer is engineered to not only deliver the required filtrate control but also to compensate for a wide range of mixing equipment that is typically encountered.

Figure 2 illustrates one of the primary benefits of QUIK-TROL GOLD polymer over traditional PAC drilling fluid additive products. The traditional PAC additive (on the left) shows some viscosity development but with poor hydration, resulting in unyielded lumps of polymer and product wastage. On the right side, QUIK-TROL GOLD polymer, mixed by hand, resulted in a well dispersed, ready to use fluid. It is not uncommon to premix the PAC additive with vegetable oil in an effort to reduce the lumps and product waste. The development of QUIK-TROL GOLD polymer means fewer products are required on location (eliminating the need for vegetable oil), resulting in fluid with no lumps, lower usage and reduced drilling costs.

QUIK-TROL GOLD polymer can be used as a filtration control additive and viscosifier in both fresh and saltwater environments. When added to a bentonite-based fluid, QUIK-TROL GOLD polymer helps improve filtration properties by creating a thin, durable wall cake thereby enhancing borehole stability.

The polymer is NSF/ANSI 60 certified. NSF is a global standard for stewardship of groundwater resources in many parts of the world including Australia.

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