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Dial Before You Dig – an essential service

Users of the service can now find the Dial Before You Dig website at and when they get there they will see a fresh new look to the logo. Lodging an enquiry is free and is the essential first step in any safe excavation project – whether it is carried out using traditional methods or innovative Trenchless Technology.

The Dial Before You Dig service in Australia is unique and at this point in time there is nothing quite like it in the world. It is widely used throughout the nation and in recent years the number of people using the service has continued to grow. Around half a million enquiries are lodged each year. The good news is this means that more of us are becoming aware of the importance of using the service and the role it plays in ensuring the project is carried out safely.

There are hundreds of thousands of kilometres of hidden underground pipes and cables that carry our essential services to households and businesses around the country each and every day of the year. The extent to which we rely on them is enormous.

Underground assets link hospitals, emergency services, schools, homes and businesses. And they are found everywhere – on private property, along roads, railway corridors and in public places. It doesn’t take too much thought to realise that damaging these links can lead to significant disruption in our lives.

Over the years there have been a wide variety of accidents and disruptions from contractors unwittingly digging up underground assets such as ruptured sewerage pipes, explosions from gas mains and even deaths from contact with underground electricity cables. The severity of incidents varies greatly – as does the resultant impact.

To prevent these scenarios, you need to get your hands on up to date plans of the area you plan to work in. That is where Dial Before You Dig comes in.

Dial Before You Dig is a unique partnership between Australia’s communications, electricity, gas and water providers, plus many other owners of underground pipes and cables. Dial Before You Dig essentially plays a middleman role and the way it works is simple: you provide the organisation with the location of the planned excavation and they provide the affected asset owners with those details. They then send the plans directly to you within two to three working days.

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