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Strong and simple: Sandguzzler pumps

Simple to operate, yet tough as nails, the Sandguzzler range of pumps is capable of moving viscous and abrasive fluids in almost any operating environment, including near frozen. Depending on the application the Sandguzzler can employ cast steel, aluminium and polyurethane deep impeller vanes to produce a large discharge capacity coupled with a large volume discharge opening for passing water, liquid sands, muds and flow able fill composed of stones and debris without clogging harming pump components.

The Sandguzzler pumps are of the self-priming and self-burping centrifugal type. They can be operated by hydraulic drives, meaning they can be deployed using a bobcat or excavator’s hydraulic power-plant as long as they produce no greater than 20 gallons per minute at a maximum pressure of 3,000 psi.

All the moving parts are fully enclosed within a tough cast steel chassis making them safe and durable. Maintenance is minimal and parts are readily available for when the units require refurbishment. The units can also be run dry without damaging the motor or impeller, thus reducing the possibility of downtime.

Sandguzzlers come in two sizes (10 inch with 3 inch cam outlet, and 12 inch with 4 inch cam outlet) and can be fitted with accessories such as, aluminium housing and impeller, and polyurethane impeller. Both units must use case drains.

Sandguzzler units are available for immediate delivery from DTH Products. Call Rob Ziebell for pricing and full specifications – 1300 DRILLING.

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