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Frankston water recycling project drills on

South East Water continues to install a new pipeline using horizontal directional drilling, which will bring recycled water from the Eastern Treatment Plant to irrigate sporting fields in Frankston, located in southeast Melbourne, Victoria.

The water will be transported along 5.5 kilometres of PE pipeline connected to an offtake of the South Eastern Outfall.

To date, tunnels have been drilled at a production rate of approximately 30 metres a day through the Karingal section using a Ditch Witch 4,000 pound thrust HDD rig.

South East Water said that the main challenge has been the minding residents’ access during works outside households, due to the limited availability of room to weld up to 100 metres of PE pipe strings.

However, contractors were able to overcome this challenge by welding the pipe strings in Ballam Park and towing them to the required locations along the pipe route on trolleys.

The works are being carried out through “÷us’ – Utility Services, an alliance between South East Water, Thiess Services and Siemens, as well as a number of other subcontractors.

The scheme also includes the construction of a new pump station.

The $A4 million Frankston Recycling Scheme is a partnership between the Victorian Government, South East Water, Frankston City Council and the Federal Government which will provide 47 million litres of Class C recycled water to irrigate Ballam Park, Jubilee Park and Lloyd Park.

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