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Bogong officially open for clean energy business

McConnell Dowell (MacDow) began construction on the $A230 million project in September 2006. The Bogong Hydro Power Station is the largest hydro power project constructed in Australia in 25 years and has the capacity to deliver enough energy to power more than 120,000 homes.

The scope of the project included the construction of 6.5 kilometres of 5 metre diameter hard rock tunnel constructed using a 5 metre diameter tunnel boring machine, 1.3 kilometres of drill and blast tunnels, 250 metres of 5 metre diameter shafts, 5,000 tonne penstock liners, power station construction and the installation of two 70 MW turbines.

At the opening of the Bogong Hydro Power Station, Mr Brumby said the project was a significant engineering feat and gave a special mention to the tunnel section of the Hydro Electric plant.

“The 7km water tunnel between McKay Creek Hydro Power Station and the Bogong Hydro Power Station is one of the largest hard-rock tunnels constructed in the Southern Hemisphere in the last 40 years using tunnel boring equipment,” Mr Brumby said.

The Bogong Hydro Power Station will deliver energy supply to households during high energy demand periods. The project was designed to ensure a number of economic and environmental benefits.

“The Bogong Hydro Power Station is a great example of how climate change can provide a climate of opportunity – with new investment, more jobs and a cleaner environment,” said Mr Brumby.

“This project is unique because it delivers clean energy without the need for new dams or new water by reusing water already used by the McKay Creek Power Station,” he said.

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