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ADG Global goes universal

Universal HDD is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer fully custom-built HDD rigs with an extensive selection of options, features and upgrades says ADG Global Supply. “One of Universal HDD’s main advantages is the extensive range of rig sizes including long-range rigs that have never before been available in Australia. All of the Universal HDD rigs are very competitively priced and easily serviceable,” says the company.

The smooth-response hydraulic system gives a high level of control for users in any application, from drilling in sand to rocky soil. It features increased torque and rotating power, allowing the operator to pull more material and get more done. Compact in design, the rugged machines are made for maximum manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

Universal’s HDD rigs lead the industry in operator comfort, performance and versatility, says ADG Global Supply. “The ergonomic layout, the controls and layout of the cabin are designed to make it extremely easy and comfortable to operate.”

Industry uses for HDD technology include gas and oil pipelines, coal seam/coal bed methane gas, telecommunications, water, wastewater and sewage, electricity, environmental protection and remediation.

The Universal range features short-range, mid-range and long-range drill rigs for a variety of trenchless applications. Short-range rigs feature high-performance John Deere engines, powerful motors and small footprint. The mid-range rig class has a powerful hydraulic system that delivers big torque and rotating forces to drill in demanding ground. The long-range class delivers the power and reliability to perform in highly demanding HDD applications says the company.

ADG Global Supply has already sold over $A2 million worth of Universal equipment and expects further sales in the near future. ADG Global Supply is also able to supply a broad range of tools and accessories including locating systems, reamers, mixers, tanks, drill pipes and bits, and drilling fluids.

The Universal HDD rigs are exclusive to ADG Global Supply. The Australian company is, and will continue to be, the only distributor in the region, with its stated goal being to increase its customers’ productivity and bottom line. The company says that, “the ADG Global Supply team is looking forward to introducing the Universal HDD range to our drilling customers around Australia and New Zealand.”

ADG Global Supply also supplies a full range of drilling equipment and consumables, industrial and mining supplies and machinery, as well as the Universal pumps range. The company provides complete supply chain management and procurement services to a range of large international clients.

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