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Teaming up for solids handling

The MudPuppy, coupled with Baroid consumables, provides an all-in-one solution for mud cleaning, separation and recycling, bundled in an environmentally friendly package.

With MudPuppy, drilling contractors save money as clean mud reduces wear and tear on the pump, drill strings and swivels. The lower volumes of mud used also minimise impact on the site’s ground and in the water, while the rate of penetration increases with stable clean mud. Combined with Baroid consumables, including EZ-MUD GOLD and QUIK-TROL GOLD, there is the capability to clean mud within two per cent of its original state, and recycle the water.

Greg MacDonald from MacDonald Contractors is currently extending a railway bridge from two to four lanes and is using the MudPuppy to drill holes for rock anchoring. “The line we’re extending is over a river separated by a cliff and we’ve been using a MudPuppy for our drilling operations. Our productivity has gone up by 50 per cent, which is a huge saving, and we’ve found that using this unit has saved on maintenance of our pumps and swivels, to the point where we’ve extended their operational life by double.”

MudPuppy offers many advantages for the trenchless driller. All units yield high rates of recovery that will reclaim extremely clean mud and water, making the product one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly in its class. Tim from R&R McClure’s uses MudPuppy for horizontal drilling applications. “The savings in water cartage costs alone, especially in situations where finding fresh council water is difficult, makes these highly efficient for our operations.”

MudPuppies are user friendly and highly configurable for a variety of situations and equipment set-ups, with speedy installation and minimal calibration. Tim says, “The units are compact and easy to install. You can get them to site using a small truck or single drive float. One of the best things about these units is that we can run them for twelve hours a day nonstop with no down time.”

Powered by a Deutz diesel engine, the systems are completely hydraulically driven, making them one of the safest lines available, said the company. Twelve units have been sold Australasia and all units come with a full six-month warranty.

DTH Products is the Australasian distributor for MudPuppy and Baroid consumables. The company services all drilling sectors throughout Australasia and South East Asia. Operational for fourteen years the company is regarded as a leading national “÷non-manufacturing’ distribution company with the experience and know-how to source the products needed.

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