Trenchless in 2009

2009 has been characterised by a number of exciting trenchless projects and industry events. Headed by a new ASTT Chairman, the industry has eagerly followed government debates and announcements, such as the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and the National Broadband Network rollout, both of which will continue to promote the trenchless industry into 2010 and after. Most importantly, the industry came together to exhibit and discuss the state of the industry and enjoy a drink or two at the 8th National ASTT Conference and Exhibition which was a definite highlight of 2009.

April 2009 saw the appointment of Trevor Gosatti to the position of Chairman of the ASTT, following the retirement of Menno Henneveld after almost two decades in the position. Keen to promote the industry through events and conferences, Mr Gosatti detailed where he would like to lead the Australasian trenchless industry in an interview with Trenchless Australasia in the June edition. Trenchless Australasia also spoke with other recent ASTT appointees about their opinions of the future of the trenchless industry, including New Zealand Councillor Steve Apeldoorn.

The announcement of the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) earlier this year was good news for the trenchless industry as it is expected provide a great deal of HDD work for the underground installation of fibre optic cables in urbanised areas around Australia. The NBN Company has recently begun work in Tasmania and Trenchless Australasia will be keeping the industry informed of the latest NBN updates in 2010 so that the industry can make the most of the eight-year rollout.

The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and the latest emissions trading scheme talks have emphasised the importance of a green approach to all industries. As was explored in our March edition, the trenchless industry already has the upper hand when it comes to environmentally friendly infrastructure installation techniques by means of traffic and construction reduction. The importance of environmentally friendly construction techniques and the promotion of the “÷green’ trenchless industry has also proved advantageous for the industry during tough economic times.

Trenchless Australasia was lucky enough to visit a number of construction sites this year to see the “÷no-diggers’ hard at work. TBM “÷Lucy Loo’ is currently digging under Port Melbourne to construct the Melbourne Main Sewer Replacement; Ollie the TBM completed an 830 metre tunnel under the Toolangi State Forest in September for the Sugerloaf Pipeline Project; and the Bogong Hydro Electric Plant has recently opened for business after Aurora Australis bored a seven kilometre tunnel between McKay creek and the power station.

The 2010 Australasian Trenchless Directory will be published soon and all companies are advised to update their details. The up-to-date directory offers a fully-indexed listing of businesses that supply products and services to the trenchless industry, as well as some introductory information on Trenchless Technology. The Australasian trenchless industry is well-known for its professionalism, innovation and dedication to customer service and we encourage all companies to update their listing before 18 December 2009. For advertising opportunities please contact Dave Marsh on 03 9248 5100 or dmarsh@gs-press.com.au by 12 February 2010.

The 8th National ASTT Conference and Exhibition was held in Melbourne in September and was a great success. The event attracted hundreds of local delegates, as well as a number of international visitors from the trenchless industry. The event included a two day trade exhibition which featured more than 60 trenchless companies and a number of keynote speakers, including ISTT Chairman Dec Downey and Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs John Roskam. The event also provided industry members to network in social settings, at the gangster-themed river cruise and the Gala Dinner and Awards.

After the success of the 8th National ASTT Conference and Exhibition we are excited to be brining you the Greatest Show in Earth with Trenchless Live 2010 next year in Coffs Harbour. The ASTT event will feature the most exciting, hands-on live exhibition and demonstration of trenchless equipment ever seen in the southern hemisphere, as well as a range of training, both classroom and hands-on and keynote presentations, as well as relaxed social functions and networking opportunities. For sponsorship and exhibition enquiries about Trenchless Live 2010, please email conference@gs-press.com.au or call 03 9248 5173.

2010 is set to be an exciting year for Trenchless Australasia with our next edition due out in April. This edition will feature a special storm water supplement, as well as editorials detailing the environmental and sustainable of Trenchless Technology and a special regional focus on the trenchless industry and projects in Queensland. There are still plenty of opportunities to contribute to editorial content by the 19 March 2010. For promotional opportunities in our April edition, please contact Dave Marsh on 03 9248 5100 or dmarsh@gs-press.com.au.

We hope that everyone enjoys a well deserved break over this Christmas period and look forward to keeping you up to date with all the latest industry news in 2010.

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