Sustainability licences introduced in SA

Under the new system, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will issue Sustainability Licenses to business that commit to reduce their use of resources and their impact on the local environment.

The new EPA Sustainability Licence combines the standard EPA statutory licence’s enforceable conditions with a voluntary sustainability agreement. This agreement outlines the company’s public commitment to reducing their impact on the local environment.

Environment and Conservation Minister Jay Weatherill said “The EPA will continue to use its regulatory and enforcement powers, but through its Sustainability Licences will also have a stronger role in encouraging businesses to find ways to reduce their use of resources, increase recycling and lessen their impact on the environment.

With a number of inherent environmental benefits, the introduction of Sustainability Licences in South Australia is sure to be beneficial for the trenchless industry.

EPA Presiding Member Cheryl Bart said “The only businesses eligible for an EPA Sustainability Licence are those who demonstrate a clear commitment to improving their environmental performance, including their relationship with local communities.”

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