Port Bonython oil pipeline to use HDD

The 5.3 kilometre fuel pipeline will transfer hydrocarbons to the fuel farm from the Port Bonython Jetty. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) will be used to install the pipeline at the Port Bonython Road Crossing and the section of the pipeline between Port Bonython Road and the boundary of the subject land.

The rest of the pipeline will be above ground, as per the 23 conditions from the Development Assessment Commission in South Australia. South Australian Minister for Urban Development and Planning Paul Holloway said that he has imposed the conditions to ensure no environmental harm is caused and that appropriate management plans would be in place to govern the refinery’s construction and operation.

The two-stage development proposal by Stuart Petroleum subsidiary Port Bonython Fuels will also include eight fuel storage tanks, a fuel loading facility, and a micro-refinery.

Stuart Petroleum has said that once operational, the project will lead to a reduction in the volume of heavy traffic on roads leading to the Port Adelaide area, as well as delivering up to one billion litres of diesel annually to fuel growth and industry in northern South Australia.

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