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A family affair with ISCO

From humble beginnings as a family hardware store, ISCO has seen tremendous growth over the years. Today, ISCO is a $A220 million company headquartered at its original location in Louisville, Kentucky, and is a worldwide leader in HDPE piping products.

ISCO was granted a visit from then-President George W Bush to the main headquarters in 2004 to honour ISCO’s continued success and growth.

In 2006, ISCO opened its first international location in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Then in 2007, the company opened its second international location in Brisbane, Australia after exploration determined the need for the high quality equipment that ISCO represents. With high pressure welding equipment and a parts inventory available onsite in Australia, complete with technical support and training, ISCO is able to service the Australasian polyethylene industry.

In Australia, ISCO offers many options for all poly welding purchase and/or hire needs:


With the ability to utilise either low or high pressure fusion parameters as wheeled or track units, many are self-powered for ease of use and greater field productivity. ISCO has been a McElroy agent since 1975 and is the largest McElroy distributor in the world.

In 1992 ISCO bought their first McElroy MegaMc 2065 fusion machine for butt fusion of poly pipe diameters up to
1,600 mm (65 inch). ISCO Australia currently stocks a hire fleet consisting of welding capabilities up to 1,600 mm.


Using a proprietary fusion process and pipe handling capabilities, FastFusion greatly increases weld production. The fusion cab minimises contaminates and provides jobsite safety. Only two operators are needed to handle and fuse the pipe with this self-powered, mobile tracked fusion machine. The machine incorporates efficient pipe handling with a patented enhanced cooling system that dramatically increases the production capacity and the number of fusion welds produced per day over any other machine in the marketplace, says the company. ISCO became the master distributor for FastFusion products in September 2004.

Future products

Next on the horizon is providing more tools that will increase productivity for ISCO customers such as pipeline contractors and project owners. One item that is fast becoming a favourite is the internal bead removal tool manufactured by BeadTrimmer.

Other time saving tools ISCO keeps in inventory include the McElroy PolyHorse pipe handling system. It consists of a series of adjustable racks to store and help feed up to 500 mm pipe into the fusion machine on the jobsite to reduce time and manpower expense.

ISCO also carries low profile roller systems which allow their contractors to pull the pipe safely along the ground without concern of scratching or gouging the pipe string just fused together. The people at ISCO are always looking to the leading edge of technology to provide equipment to make the job safer and faster.

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