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National “÷down the hole’ distribution company DTH Products Pty Ltd has partnered with Tibban, makers of the MudPuppy line of solids control units, and an industry leader Baroid to bring together an all-in-one solution that saves drillers time and money.

DTH Products said that the Mudpuppy, coupled with Baroid consumables, provides a highly efficient system for mud cleaning, separation and recycling, bundled in an environmentally friendly package. Developed for the mining and exploration industry, Mudpuppy is now being used in water-well, trenchless, geotechnical drilling and other civil construction environments.

With MudPuppy, drilling contractors save money as clean mud reduces wear and tear on pumps, drill strings and swivels. The lower volumes of mud used also minimises impact on the site’s ground, whilst the rate of penetration increases with stable clean mud. Combine this with leading Baroid consumables, including EZ-MUDå¨ GOLD and QUIK-TROLå¨ GOLD, and you have the capability to clean mud within two per cent of its original state.

MudPuppies are user friendly and highly configurable for a variety of situations and equipment set-ups, including the ability to easily install an array of screens depending on the job at hand. With speedy installation and minimal calibration, MudPuppy also offers faster set-up than other comparable mud cleaning systems, said the company.

Since 1990 the Californian based manufacturing company MudPuppy International has been building Solids Control systems for use in the trenchless drilling sector. The development of MudPuppy was initially inspired by the MudPuppy International founder’s experience in the oil and gas industry, where large systems are used to keep mud sites clean. This, coupled with growing concern over environmentally friendly best-practices, sparked the first MudPuppy mud cleaning system. The intention was to build a reliable, easy to deploy and safe product that would be made widely available. The company now offers an extensive range of MudPuppy units for every type and size of job.

Powered by a Deutz diesel engine, the systems are completely hydraulically driven making them one of the safest lines available. The smallest MudPuppy unit has a minimal footprint of 1.2 X 2.4 metres and comes with 1,700 L Mud Reservoir, a

0.6 X 0.9 metre double screen, a bottom ten mesh shaker, a jet Ventry mix hopper, a 2 by 3 by 8 å_ inch centrifugal mud pump in its desander system, and a 10 inch centrifugal mud pump in its Sand Guzzler.

All Mudpuppy units are backed by a comprehensive warranty that includes full back-up service with the manufacturer. Upon purchase of every MudPuppy a DTH Products representative visits the customer’s site to assist with the initial set-up of the unit, and then trains the drilling crew in its configuration options and operations. A solid after-sales support program is available for maintenance and technical support. This combined with the professional services of a Baroid engineer makes for an unbeatable integration and support package.

MudPuppy International’s continuous improvement program periodically upgrades the entire MudPuppy line, improving and taking new steps in developing new cost-effective ways to clean muds. The upgraded four de-sander cones on the MP255-2SC and MP170-2SC models attain higher efficiencies and are a first to be offered worldwide.

DTH Products is the Australasian distributor for MudPuppy, SandGuzzler and Baroid consumables. The company services all drilling sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. Operational for 15 years the company is regarded as a leading national “÷non-manufacturing’ distribution company with the experience and know how to source the products the industry needs.

For more information on MudPuppy and Baroid products please get in touch with DTH Products by phoning 1300 DRILLING or visit

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