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Frankston Drainage Improvement Project

The Frankston Drainage Improvement Project involves the construction of a 1.5 kilometre stormwater drainage pipeline from Monash University Peninsula Campus car park to Kananook Creek.

The project is being constructed by the Pipelines Alliance, a joint venture between Fulton Hogan, Jaydo, GHD and Melbourne Water. The tunnelling works of the project have been contracted to Winslow Infrastructure.

The Frankston Drainage Improvement Project began construction in September 2009 and saw the construction of a twelve metre deep shaft at Monash University Peninsula Campus.

Sandy tunnels under Frankston

Under the operation of Winslow Infrastructure, Sandy the tunnel boring machine (TBM) is currently excavating a 3 metre outer diameter tunnel to house the new 2.5 metre diameter concrete stormwater pipeline.

At present, Sandy has tunnelled 50 metres into the first tunnel drive. Precast DN2,500 jacking pipes are installed behind the TBM and will form the final lining for the stormwater drain.

“Sandy has now crossed under McMahons Road without impacting on this busy thoroughfare,” said Project Director Phil Corluka.

“The route now follows the rail corridor alongside Hastings Road and close consultation with local asset owners will help ensure works do not adversely affect existing service providers,” he said.

Geology comprising of predominantly stiff clays has dictated the requirement for extensive separation equipment during the tunnelling process, and most notably the addition of clarifiers and belt presses to remove the fine particles from the slurry solution.

While the separation process has increased the set-up and commissioning requirements prior to tunnelling, it ensures that a generally dry product can be removed from site. Expected higher percentages of sand and gravels further into the drive will assist the separation process.

The remaining of the four shafts have now been completed in advance of the second and third tunnel drives. Shafts are constructed using either secant or contiguous bored piles dependant on existing ground conditions.

The tunnelling section of the project is expected to be completed by May 2010 with the project being fully commissioned in early 2011.

Next in the pipeline

Melbourne Water has announced another $A7 million project that involves replacing 60 metres of the Riviera outlet pipeline. This new project will contribute to helping protect Frankston from flooding and complement the Frankston Drainage Improvement Project.

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