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Drillers: trial your fluid

ADG Sales Manager Paul Johnson is excited about what the M-I SWACO/ADG team are able to offer the Australian market.

The starter pack promotion is offering core drilling fluid products including bentonite, easy mixing PAC, shale inhibitors and lubricants.

There are two different pack options available depending on the type of drilling and ground conditions. The promotion also includes the opportunity for a free mud consultation with an M-I SWACO mud engineer to determine the ideal mix for the drilling project.

Companies that take up the starter pack offer will not only be getting their muds at a great price, it will also be an opportunity for them to trial M-I SWACO products, perhaps for the first time – and recognise the benefits associated with the premium products.

The M-I SWACO range is internationally recognised for its drilling solutions, bringing heightened productivity and cost reductions to drilling and mine site operations around the world. M-I SWACO offer a comprehensive range for horizontal directional drilling applications plus a suite of environmental management solutions such as shakers, centrifuges and mud cleaners.

M-I SWACO products have been in the Australian market for some years, however with the products now under the guidance of Paul Johnson expect to see a lot more of them. Not only does the new price list offer very competitive prices, several major players in the industry are now on board using M-I SWACO fluids.

Trials conducted have proven that using M-I SWACO products leads to more metres drilled and lower drilling costs. This is sure to have drillers around Australia very interested.

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