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In-depth: Australasian councils and water authorities

The provision of water and wastewater services throughout Australasia is complex, as various entities have different roles and responsibilities. Trenchless Australasia has the facts on who does what, and who is responsible for services in each region. We provide the information and contacts you need to get that next underground infrastructure contract.

The water and wastewater industry in Australia has seen some major changes in the way in which it is organised.

Within Australia, the states have divided the responsibilities for water and wastewater services in different ways. In some states, the service is state-owned, while others are council-owned, and some are corporate entities.

South East Queensland and Tasmania have experienced major reform, with both regions establishing three water entities each.

These reforms are essential to understand as it will change who contractors are dealing with as well as finances for infrastructure projects.

In New Zealand, the Ministry has control over the water and wastewater services, while some regional councils are able to exercise some power in their areas.

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