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“No comparison when it comes to quality and reliability”

Having owned a Tracto-Technik (TT) 12G Grundodrill since 1999, Eddie Lia recently took delivery of the new generation 15N Grundodrill. The 15N incorporates the powerful combination of TT Group’s latest technology and worldwide user experience.

Mr Lia said that he had “inspected a number of other manufacturer’s machines before deciding to buy the 15N Grundodrill.

“But when I looked at the quality of the machines, the Grundodrill was the standout. Couple that with the on-going service that I have always received from the excellent team at TT-Asia Pacific and there was no other choice.”

Having been in the trenchless industry for many years, CPL Australia’s reputation as a contractor has grown and an integral part of this is the quality and reliability of their equipment.

TT-Asia Pacific would like to congratulate Mr Lia on his choice of drill and thank him for his loyalty to the “Grundo” brand. As part of the worldwide and highly respected Tracto-Technik Group of Companies, TT-Asia Pacific is proud of the reputation it has built up as the Australian Asia/Pacific distributor of the complete range of high quality trenchless equipment from Tracto-Technik in Germany. The “Grundo” range of products is an essential requirement for HD Drillers, enabling to deliver the professionalism and quality that is required in today’s workplace.

The first job CPL Australia Trenchless Technology undertook with their new drill was for Railcorp in Sydney. The project involved the relocation of 130 KVA of overhead power underground, which involved installing 550 PE pipe over a distance of 40 m under a railway and main thoroughfare in Eveleigh, near the University of Sydney.

Ground conditions of hard shale rock made this a potentially difficult bore; however, the powerful 15N handled the conditions with ease. A pilot bore was installed first and then pre-reaming took place with a 400 mm reamer; the final ream and pull back were completed with a 660 mm compaction reamer successfully and effortlessly. Mr Lia said he is more than happy with the performance and power of his new 15N Grundodrill.

Drill Operator Charles Attard is also impressed with the ease of operation of the 15N. Mr Attard says “The use of the auto bore for pilot bore and back reaming coupled with the power of 37,000 pounds of thrust and pullback makes life extremely easy. The extra 28,000 pounds of impact thrust that is available during the pilot bore is also a fantastic bonus for grounds that other drills struggle to steer in.”

In addition, the 15N is fully equipped and “rock ready”. Mr Attard said he was astounded that the engine and hydraulics were so quiet that you could sit in the completely enclosed, air-conditioned cab and take advantage of the fitted audio system

The onboard “Grundolog” also gives CPL the ability to log, print out and demonstrate all aspects of the completed bore, including the forces exerted on the installed pipe throughout the installation process.

Throughout most of Europe a downloaded report of a bore is a standard requirement of clients and utility owners.

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