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Project wrap from BTB

BTB’s recently completed projects include an HDD project in Melbourne’s CBD, in which twin 600 mm HDPE conduits were installed under Swanston Street, from a new building site to an existing RMIT building. The purpose was to facilitate the installation of specialist cooling pipes so that the existing cooling towers on the RMIT building could be used, as part of a green energy project, to cool the new building, which will shortly be constructed.

Significant investigative works were carried out prior to boring under Swanston Street and installing the required conduits, and it again proved the value of HDD, saving costs in reinstatement and disruption to a very busy traffic and pedestrian area.

BTB has also worked installing pipelines on a number of sewerage projects, interstate gas pipelines, electrical conduit installations and a number of communications projects, including an 8 km optic fibre build for Monash University.

BTB was also contracted by SE Water to directionally drill the majority of the state and federal government-funded Recyled Water Main Project in Frankston, Victoria. A variety of pipe diameters were installed using HDD through the residential areas of Frankston on this water-saving project.

With the current focus on water savings, projects such as these recycled water main projects will continue for many years to come and HDD technology will play a major role in building these pipelines for both residential and industrial projects.

BTB has also been recognised for their part in the Flinders Pressure Sewer System, which has been honoured with an international construction award. Directional drilling was used as the method in this pristine Victorian township and the benefits provided by HDD construction were invaluable to everybody, clients and customers included.

BTB have also recently been awarded a 3 km, 250 mm petroleum pipeline, to be constructed by directional drilling in Brisbane in a busy industrial area, commencing in July 2010.

For any trenchless or underground construction enquiry, BTB Australia can be contacted at any time to advise and to see how they can assist you with a successful installation.

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