HDD for the Melbourne to Geelong pipeline

The first pipes for the project were recently delivered to Geelong, bringing the development closer to construction. The fibreglass pipes are 800 mm in diameter and 12 m long, and are supplied under contract by South Australian manufacturer Fibrelogic.

The 59 km pipeline will link Barwon Water’s Lovely Banks basins with the Melbourne network at Cowies Hill near Werribee. At least one of the major crossings will be constructed using HDD – other crossings will be evaluated for the use of Trenchless Technology during the course of the project.

The construction headlines an $A900 million investment in water and sewerage infrastructure over the next five years, and is among key projects that will boost Geelong’s water supply by 75 per cent of current demand and meet forecast growth.

Construction is due to begin this month and the project is expected to create around 200 jobs.

The project is expected to be complete by the end of 2011.

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