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Upgrade to Williams wastewater scheme

The Williams wastewater scheme, located in the shire of Williams southeast of Perth, is to benefit from a $A9.5 million upgrade including 3 km of pipelines.

Western Australian Water Minister Graham Jacobs outlined several significant community benefits of upgrade to the Williams wastewater scheme.

Dr Jacobs said the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant for the town and major upgrades to the existing system would bring the scheme up to current standards and cater for long-term growth.

He said the project had just begun and would take approximately twelve months to complete.

“This upgrade will lift treatment capacity from 32 kilolitres of water a day to 150 kilolitres, which will allow for substantial growth.

“The Water Corporation has undertaken to create a major revegetation plan, developed to offset clearing required for the building of the new plant and its associated pipelines.”

The new treatment plant will be built 2 km north-east of the town centre, just off Cemetery Road. It will consist of four treatment ponds and a wastewater storage pond. Other works include construction of a pump station at the new plant site, upgrades to the existing No. 3 pump station, decommissioning of the No. 1 pump station, construction of emergency storage at the Nos. 2 and 3 pump stations and the construction of approximately 3 km of a pressurised pipeline.

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