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Electrofusion, the right decision!

FRIATEC’s comprehensive Electrofusion solution for PE pipelines offers the ideal mix of quality and reliability with cutting-edge technology. FRIATEC’s Top-Loading technology with its complete range of fittings (including tapping saddles, tees and repair patches) plus the reliable and easy-to-use top-loading compression unit, guarantees safe, fast and reliable connection/tapping during HDD, pipe bursting or swage-lining projects.

It is essential, particularly during challenging trenchless projects – such as HDD, Swagelining or U-PE Liners – that good quality, reliable Electrofusion Couplers are used; couplers that can cope with some pipe diameter variation or abnormality.

FRIATEC’s Large PE couplers FRIALEN (DN280-900 mm) are perfectly suited to this type of application and offer the following unique safety features:

  • FRIALEN’s pre-heating technology can counteract variations and close the gap between pipe and coupler of up to 3 mm each side. That could be the tipping point between joint success or failure.
  • External reinforcement is integrated into the coupler so no extra ratchet equipment or tie down is required. Separate fusion zones offer safety and practicality. Each side of the coupler can be fused independently, above the trench or in the trench. This is particularly handy when space is limited in busy city streets.

FRIATEC’s Electrofusion range is backed by the latest technical equipment, FRIATOOLS including hydraulic rerounding clamps (280-900mm) and a full range of fusion units and mechanical scrapers; all fundamental to a Trenchless Technology project success. All fusion units come with comprehensive barcode reading and documentation functions.

Positive results from various trenchless projects throughout Australasia (Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and Honk Kong) reinforce the maxim “FRIATEC – always the right decision”.

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