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Going the distance with CCTV

Starky auxiliary equipment is helping to solve many CCTV deployment, site access and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) issues.

Starky HoseRunner䋢 is already being recognised in the industry as an invaluable tool to ensure high-pressure jetting hoses are protected as they travel seamlessly around any access edge. Now this easy to deploy, indestructible gadget is also gaining a reputation as effective insurance to protect data cables in the same way. Operators are increasingly recognising the benefits it offers in preventing CCTV cable damage.

Those who operate the equipment can understand the difficulty of deploying it safely. Camera weight and size, and often access difficulties can create not only potential damage to these expensive assets but also pose OH&S issues.

An article in the July edition of Trenchless Australasia, CCTV inspection of trunk sewers illustrated a Melbourne Rangedale Drainage crew utilising the Starky PitLift to manage the safe deployment of their hefty floating CCTV camera, weighing in at 120 kg.

Normally, manoeuvring such equipment could prove difficult in regards to OH&S, or result in costly equipment damage as it is retrieved or negotiated into position. The sliding, lockable carriages of the hoist mount allow 1,400 mm of lateral adjustment, making light work of positioning the heavy camera accurately over the pit. The industry-rated hoist ensures the load is deployed and retrieved safely without straining the backs of personnel or risking equipment or cable damage.

The Starky product range also includes placement and cable protection for smaller camera equipment. The recently-developed PipeChute allows easy deployment of cameras into drop pipe openings from above, eliminating the need of personnel to enter the pit.

The Starky CamLift cradles act as a launch and retrieve pad that, with or without the PitLift hoist system, ensures cameras can be deployed securely into pits without the fear of concussive damage to the unit or stress on the data cable.

Training Manager of Streamline Learning Steve Weatherstone is pleased to endorse the use of Starky products to protect valuable cables and cameras and ensure safe and reliable operation. In this business, care of cables and cameras is essential for reliable performance and good asset condition reporting. As an industry training provider, Streamline Learning facilitates training and assessment for operators of specialised CCTV sewer and drain inspection systems.

Since 2008 they have included reference in their training courses to the use of Starky products as being valuable assets to the protection of equipment, and personnel safety when operating CCTV devices.

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