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New rig for Coe

The rig has a pullback capacity of 500 tonnes and is currently working in Asia, completing installation of 36 inch and 42 inch gas pipelines.

The rigs specs are as follows:

  • Caterpillarå¨ 700 HP (522 kW) C-18 Tier III Diesel Engine
  • 1,100,000 lbs. (500 tonnes) of maximum thrust/pullback power
  • 100,000 ft-lbs. (136,000 Nm) of maximum rotary torque
  • Rack and pinion four pinion drive with adjustable force limiter
  • Wrench travels full length of thrust frame
  • Hydraulically-operated pipe supports
  • 4 in (102 mm) fluid course permits 1,000 US gallons (3,785 L) per minute flow
  • Accommodates range II Drill Pipe
  • 10-18å¡ variable drilling angle
  • Floating spindle allows simple makeup and breakout
  • Dedicated pumps for rotary and thrust
  • Adjustable torque limiter for rotary and makeup force
  • Run-on-one-technology-system (ROOTS) capable

Coe has two other Maxi Rigs based in Australia, with 250 and 300 tonne pullback capacities. It has been a busy year for Coe with major crossings completed in Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as several crossings over 1, 500 m completed in the North Coast Region of NSW for Country Energy and the Department of Commerce as well as rising main installations in Lismore.

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