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World-leading muds deliver superior results

Admittedly there are several factors behind the mud purchasing decision. Perhaps it is a well-established relationship with the supplier, or it could be that the mud does the job well enough…but is there a better solution?

A leading product and services solutions group, ADG Global Supply (ADG), certainly believes there is and is excited about what it has to offer the Australian and New Zealand drilling sector.

Drilling fluids that bring heightened productivity and cost reductions

M-I SWACO is internationally recognised for their state-of-the-art drilling fluids and equipment. With ADG on board as the Australian and New Zealand distributor, this solid partnership is sure to lead to increased market penetration in the next twelve months.

As a well-established company, ADG has the know-how and resources to custom design solutions that meet the unique requirements of any project, regardless of its location or complexity. The company has five highly-qualified mud doctors who visit clients onsite to develop their mud system and ensure that it is producing the very best results possible.

ADG’s experienced drilling sales team are confident that they are able to add significant value for companies in the mining, water well, mineral, production drilling and exploration industries. They have a solid background in procurement and strategic sourcing for clients across the globe and know the value of customer service.

ADG have also kicked off the new financial year with a new, more focused approach on the cards.

ADG’s new Sales Manager Paul Johnson said “We are all about adding value and ensuring our clients are the real winners, we are confident that our clients will reach hole depths never reached before – with increased productivity and cost reductions.”

Innovation from M-I SWACO

It is not often the industry is offered a drilling fluid system that delivers exceptional performance in a multitude of applications and does so in one, easily engineered, cost-effective and environmentally sound package.

DRILPLEX, an innovative offering from the M-I SWACO range, produces extraordinary results. Simply combining the DRILPLEX viscosifier with pre-screened, high quality bentonite produces a highly sheer thinning fluid with a high yield point, low plastic viscosity and high, flat gel strengths. The result is a fluid system with unequalled solids suspension, but one that still screens easily, even at high flow rates.

This is just one of the products from the M-I SWACO range that has been developed through extensive R&D – committed to delivering heightened productivity and cost reductions to drilling and mine site operations around the world.

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