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Trenchless Technology could aid NBN as construction steps closer

The legislation splits up Telstra’s wholesale and retail arms, allowing shareholders to vote on the sale of its copper wire infrastructure. Voting is expected to take place by June 2011.

This legislation provides an important breakthrough towards Telstra and NBN developing a definitive agreement about how the network will take shape.

A range of techniques will be used to construct the network, with an estimated 20,000 homes to be connected per week.

The selection of Trenchless Technology would reduce disruption to businesses and residents as the network is constructed by avoiding the need for open trenches.

Possible installation methods include:

  • Overhead (with existing services)
  • Trenching and micro-trenching
  • Use of other utility ducting
  • Use of wastewater infrastructure
  • Boring/drilling.

The ASTT is advocating the benefits of trenchless options in the roll-out of the network, such as reducing damage to business and residential property, lower carbon emissions, reduced reinstatement costs and the protection of sensitive environments.

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