Sewer maintenance underway in Northern Victoria

Improvement works have commenced on a number of sewer mains in Seymour following the successful completion of a CCTV inspection project.

The relining will be carried out over a three-week period, with completion due for early December 2010.

Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) District Manager Ian Matheson said approximately 350 m of ageing sewer main will be relined.

“Sewer mains in which the pipes have either structural damage, or where considerable ground water infiltration is taking place, will be upgraded to improve reliability,” Mr Matheson said.

The relining works will not interfere with the sewer services being provided to customers.

Interflow was awarded the $A55,000 contract for the relining project.

Jetting works of the Shepparton sewer system are also underway.

GVW District Manager Neville Whittaker said the program will be conducted in the central residential area.

“The jetting process involves high pressure cleaning of the sewer system via existing manholes. The works are expected to improve the quality of service and lower the likelihood of sewer blockages and other associated issues,” Mr Whittaker said.

The three-week project will be undertaken by contractors Underground Engineering Solutions.

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