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Auckland unites

As part of the broader reorganisation of council and local body services in the region, the area’s water and wastewater services will now be managed by Watercare Services.

For the former Auckland City Council area, Watercare is responsible for the combined wastewater and stormwater network.

The company is also working to ensure the new Auckland jurisdiction continues to have dependable services by planning, constructing, and delivering new water and wastewater infrastructure in a cost-efficient manner.

Watercare Chairman Graeme Hawkins said major challenges facing Watercare in the next three years include:

  • Adjustment to being both a retail service provider and bulk water and wastewater operator
  • Completion of the “Three Waters” environmental program previously agreed to by the existing councils, the Auckland Regional Council and Watercare
  • The introduction of equitable demand management water conservation techniques.

The decision to reform the local councils was based on a Royal Commission on Auckland Governance that found that Auckland’s Regional Council and seven territorial authorities lacked the collective sense of purpose, constitutional ability, and the momentum to address issues effectively for the overall good of Auckland.

Councils that will make up the new Auckland Council are:

  • Auckland Regional Council
  • Auckland City Council
  • Manukau City Council
  • North Shore City Council
  • Papakura District Council
  • Rodney District Council
  • Waitakere City Council
  • Franklin District Council
  • Any associated community boards.
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