CCTV and root foam for Goulburn Valley Water

Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) District Manager Ken Turner said that the project is targeting sewers at risk of failure in the townships of Alexandra, Eildon and Mansfield.

“This project will provide us with further information regarding the condition of the system and will allow us to schedule plans to effectively prevent structural failure, therefore minimising service interruptions,” Mr Turner said.

It is not expected that the works will affect the use of the sewer system, though some manholes located in customer’s properties may need to be accessed to undertake the CCTV inspections.

The $A10,000 project, to be undertaken by contractors Barry Bros, will begin early next week and is expected to be completed before Christmas 2010.

Barry Bros has also been contracted for a five-day preventative maintenance program of the GVW sewer system in Kyabram that is currently underway, using root foam.

GVW District Manager Neville Whittaker said that the program is being conducted in the Lancaster/Tweedle Street residential area in the town’s south.

“This maintenance process removes any tree roots growing into the sewer pipes and then uses a foam product to inhibit future root growth,” Mr Whittaker said.

Mr Whittaker said “The process involves use of a mechanical cutter to physically cut away the [tree] roots where possible.

“Foam is then installed directly into the sewer by spray application, foaming the sewers with a substance which should inhibit the roots from regrowing into the sewer,” Mr Whittaker said.

The substance injected into the system is environmental friendly and is harmless to the overall condition of the tree.

The foaming will take place via existing manholes.

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