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Clay jacking pipe best fit for Auchenflower

The new sewer is part of a ten-year program by Queensland Urban Utilities to support growth, development and maintenance of water and wastewater services in South East Queensland. This particular project began in March 2011 and will be completed by mid-2012, including relining of the old sewerage system and installation of new lines.

For the Auchenflower sewer, Naylor Denlok vitrified clay jacking pipe (distributed in Australia by Rocla) was selected for the job. Naylor Denlok was chosen principally for its superior joint tolerances and overall product quality, which make the installation process less painful and much more cost-effective. The smooth wall surface offers minimal frictional resistance, while the accurately machined pipe ends facilitates easy load transference of the jacking force.

In fact, Naylor Denlok’s advanced production process, combining high pressure extrusion and high-temperature firing, eliminates air pockets and leaves a zero moisture content, making the product smooth and impermeable. As a result, Naylor Denlok vitrified clay pipes do not requiring glazing. Removing the need for glazing eliminates the danger of a protective layer or lining being damaged during installation, which could result in expensive repairs or the need to replace pipes before the specified design life.

For the Auchenflower job, Rocla will supply approximately 1 km of Naylor Denlok jacking pipe in 400 and 600 mm diameters. The pipe is being directly installed at depths of 5 to 14 m using microtunnelling equipment with drives up to 160 m. The line, which includes ten separate access shafts, will connect to the current sewer system.

Naylor Denlok vitrified clay jacking pipes are fully certified to the EN295 international standard and have been appraised by WSAA to assure compliance with Australian water industry standards. They feature high axial strength for jacking force assurance, high crushing strength for load bearing capabilities, and a 100-year plus design life.

The superior quality of the Denlok vitrified clay jacking pipe system reduces installation times and provides a greater maintenance-free period whilst reducing bottom line costs – a great result for QUU, and the people of Auchenflower.

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