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Trelleborg pipe plugs: engineered for performance

From movement supports and bearings to seals and safety equipment for large aircrafts, Trelleborg products and engineering know-how play a critical role in maintaining safety, performance and structural integrity in a vast variety of applications across the globe.

The company is also known for anti-vibration and acoustic isolation for rail systems, marine fendering systems, safety products for electrical utilities, specialty water seals for dams, dry docks, canals, tunnels and reservoirs, pipe plugs, and sheeting for industrial and mining applications.

The Trelleborg brand has been synonymous with engineered rubber, elastomeric and polymer products for more than 105 years. Established in Sweden in 1905, Trelleborg commenced as a manufacturer of industrial rubber goods and tyres. Following the Second World War, the company developed substantial export operations, establishing a network of international agencies and offices throughout Europe and beyond, and in 1964 the company was listed on the Stockholm Exchange.

By 1990, the Trelleborg Group’s operations had expanded to include mining and metals, mineral processing, distribution of products to the building sector and paper and pulp industries. During the 1990s, the company divested of non-core operations and once again returned its focus to its original core business of elastomer and polymer related products.

The quality and performance of its products, coupled with the company’s focus on technical innovation, has earned Trelleborg a reputation as a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance engineered solutions that seal, damp and protect. With the recent introduction of new innovative products, and a significant expansion of its facilities, Trelleborg looks set to continue leading the way – both throughout Australia and internationally.

Today, the group, which remains headquartered in Trelleborg, Sweden, has annual sales of approximately $A4.1 billion, and now employs over 20,000 people in over 40 countries.

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