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TT Asia Pacific: from strength to strength

New Generation “÷N’ Grundomat Soil Displacement Hammers

TT Asia Pacific will soon launch the “÷N’ series of Grundomat Soil Displacement Hammers. The TT Group have manufactured their new generation Grundomats with unique innovative design and operational characteristics. One of the distinctive features of the new Grundomat “÷N’ is its moving head design, described as a crown head. This head provides improved ground penetration force and subsequently faster bore speeds, combined with precise target accuracy.

In addition to improving impact values, the new triple gear control stud mechanism has a reverse mode and two forward modes. This provides various impact frequencies which will ensure efficient ground speed penetration, depending upon the ground conditions encountered. This unique feature is a groundbreaking new development for TT Asia Pacific.

Furthermore, the new Grundomat “÷N’ has become more service friendly. If for example an internal seal ring or the pull sleeve accessory needs fitting, the assembly can be carried out directly on site, via the tensioning element which spreads the threading like a dowel, fixing the casing end or other interchangeable accessories onto the rear end of the main casing. The front casing, end cone or pull sleeve are no longer glued in place, therefore there are no delay times for thread cleaning and adhesives to dry out.

Grundoburst 800G to complete Melbourne rehabilitation works

“÷us’ – Utility Services recently secured TT Asia Pacific’s Grundoburst pipeline rehabilitation systems for the replacement of ageing water mains on behalf of South East Water in the state of Victoria.

“÷us’ – Utility Services is a program Alliance between South East Water, Thiess Services and Siemens. The Alliance is currently responsible for delivering the South East Water mains renewal program.

It was decided that the latest Grundoburst 800G was the most suitable machine for the range of pipe diameters that would be encountered through the planned works for South East Water.

The Grundoburst 800G is a unique pipe bursting machine due to its unique patented quicklock rod design, enabling safe, efficient rod handling – an important factor for “÷us’ – Utility Services.

The Grundoburst 800G also features a compact design, eliminating the need for large excavations during the pipe bursting operation, and also reducing potentially expensive reinstatement costs. The unit provides flexible pipe bursting capacity from 100-450 mm. Currently the unit is working on several 180-250 mm pipe bursting projects.

The new equipment has been well received by all operators who like the ease of use offered by the quicklock rod design. They also like the flexibility to burst in two directions on certain projects. This is provided by the ability to simultaneously push the rods through another section of main during the pullback burst operation – therefore reducing rig setup times.

For more information on the TT Asia Pacific range of products, contact the team at TT Asia Pacific on 07 3420 5455.

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